As recognized leaders in Real Estate, our experience ranges from developing and leasing large mixed-use projects to properties and lands.

The Value of Our Services

Our approach to property marketing is not a laundry list of marketing tactics but developing a go-to-market system that creates strong demand, a competitive environment and a continuous feedback loop.

We distinguish our property marketing services from  in two ways:  We segment your prospects to make the best possible use of marketing resources – online and offline, and we have a system to drive prospects through a “transaction filter,” taking them from basic awareness of the property through the contract stage.

List Of Our Services

Real Estate Investment Sales

From the process of buying to selling investment property, Scott Harris Street Investment Sales offers full-service, comprehensive solutions that deliver absolute peace-of-mind to you. We represent private, commercial real estate investors’ nationwide, providing solutions in strategic planning and advisory, acquisition and disposition of properties, and transaction management. Due to Scott Harris’s unique, collaborative platform and our wide breadth of services, our team of experts can provide resources that other firms cannot access directly, bringing more value to you. 

Tenant Representation

With Scott Harris’s Tenant Representation team, your success is our goal. Experienced in working with both tenants and landlords nationwide, we have a deep understanding of the industry and will work alongside you during every step of the deal process, ensuring that you secure the ideal space and best lease terms for your business. Along with our market analysis, research, and lease negotiation expertise, our team takes the time to understand your business, your immediate goals and future objectives, developing and executing a strategic plan specific to your business needs.  

Landlord Representation

Leasing a commercial real estate property requires expertise, research and planning. Experienced in working with landlords nationwide, our Landlord Representation team is ready to work alongside you to maximize the value of your property. We have the expertise to find prospective tenants that provide the best and highest use for the long term of the asset. Additionally, we know the importance of the tenant mix at a property and, to maximize consumer traffic, we consider how retailers will synergize with other tenants at that location.  

Capital Advisory

Securing the most appropriate funding tailored to fit your strategic vision can be a complicated task. Whether you are seeking to purchase an investment property or considering a potential refinance, Scott Harris Team will work with you to ensure that you secure most suitable debt product on the market for your business needs—coming up with a plan that enables you to achieve more, retain more and profit more. We walk you through the entire funding process, answering your questions along the way and ensuring that you get the most competitive pricing and structure available.  

Management Services

Scott Harris Management Services offers tailored and integrated property and facilities management for all property types, for both investors and occupiers. Through a combination of deep industry knowledge, market expertise and a hands-on approach to management, we design an action plan based on your needs and goals. We recognize that each property and business comes with its own unique set of challenges—due to Scott Harris’s unique, collaborative platform, we can provide resources that other management companies cannot access directly, bringing more value to you

Project Management Services

At Scott Harris Project Management Services, we have the ability to manage every aspect of your commercial real estate project, whether it requires an exterior facelift, interior remodel or a tenant build-out. From design to construction, our team of experts understands the complexity of commercial real estate projects and has the expertise to deliver the results you expect, while ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. 

Valuation Advisory

Scott Harris Valuation Advisory provides full-service solutions in real estate valuation, consulting, litigation, and expert witness services for all property types specializing in commercial real estate. 
Our clients value our extensive market knowledge, long-term key partnerships, superior analytics, and comprehensive data. With access to diverse sources of current market data and relationships with top development, investment, brokerage, and leasing professionals, we are committed to providing timely, accurate valuations to our clients.

We mentor and develop our team, all the while creating a respectful, enjoyable, and professional working environment.
Tobi Osonuga
Managing Director
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